Ready to start your new life?

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What We Can Do For You

Moving is stressful. We're here to take as much of that stress off your plate as you need. Your Relocation Concierge can take care of everything from start to finish so all you have to do is pick up where you left off in your new home.


How we'll make things easy for you


We'll take care of the move

Trust we are connected with Chico's most experienced and professional movers who will not only pack up your home for you, deliver to your new home, but go the extra mile and arrange your furniture to your preference as well.



We'll do all the cleaning

We've lined up quality cleaners so you can start the next chapter of your life mess free!. Moving out of a renter's lease? We can help you get all of your deposit back! Carpets? No problem. Windows? Check! Low rates? Always.



We'll do the paperwork

Are you that person with their parents' address still on their license? We'll make sure all of your registration, change of mailing address, and any licenses you may have are all updated in a timely fashion so you can skip the DMV! Don't want to spend the day on hold just to transfer all your utilities? We can take care of that for you as well!


All you have to do is come home.

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